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Our Commitments

RABAUD is a family business, managed today by the 2nd generation, which stays faithful to its principles since 1980.
All their initiatives are aimed to supply their customers quality products and service permitting them to optimize their return on investment.

Being certified ISO 9001, in 2010, is a successful realization of quality initiatives from the company for many years with the aim of satisfying and gaining the loyalty of our customers.

Through this certification, RABAUD commits to proposing you:
A permanent offer of new products.
With more than 55 patents and a research and development section of 10 people, RABAUD SAS has placed innovation at the center of its strategy.
Thereby, every year, 5 to 10 products are emerging born from customers' demands, our knowledge and field experience. This strategy helps us see the light of day.

Respect of delivery deadline.
RABAUD SAS company has at its’ disposal its’ own fleet of lorries and drivers. Our lorries criss-cross the French roads and the bordering countries to deliver on time and date the 11 000 machines produced every year.
The truck drivers also offer an additional service to customers by demonstrating the machine (commissioning, answering questions a.s.o.).
Satisfaction on technical support.
With its 14 people team, our technical support will personaly guide you on the use and maintenance of your machine and eventually advise for spare parts to replace. RABAUD undertakes to offer all useful information on your machine; this being submitted to precise referencing.
Respect of delivery times for spare parts.
With more than 12 000 referenced spare parts, of which the majority are in stock, and advantageous partnerships with haulage contractors (express transport, courier service), RABAUD SAS is the ideal partner for buying spare parts and accessories.
RABAUD SAS is commiting to send out on the very day the parts that would have been ordered before 3pm, (subject to availability).
Respect of current standards.
RABAUD SAS undertakes to deliver any machines and spare parts in total accordance with the strictest regulations. So we offer you the use of the machines in all security whilst maintaining ease of use and maintenance thereafter.
Respect of the environment charter.
Our production site, based in the vendée region, is committed to respect the environment, all our workers are skilled-craftsmen so use this process in the sorting and recycling of waste. Our production site has 2 lakes which filter rainwater. Our different production stages are submitted to very strict controls guided by the environnement charter ISO 9001 standard.
A network of dealers throughout the world.
To better serve you, RABAUD SAS has built a commercial network all over the world. All of our retailers follow courses on our products so that they can give you the best commercial and technical support. RABAUD sales department is at your disposal throughout the year and are also present at many exhibitions.